The last couple days were rainy, so I was itching to get out again after our Fall Lake/Vly Lake trip. It let up a little bit on Thursday afternoon, but then started up again enough to cut my visit to G Lake a bit short, but it was still worthwhile and I love some of the photos I got that are much more dramatic in the rainy weather.

G Lake is just south of Piseco on 8. A marked road heads into the forest for a little over 2 miles and then there’s a parking area and a short trail down to the lake. I used my clamp-on yoke for the first time here to test it out and was pleased with how easy it was to attach and move out of the way.

The lake is fairly small, but fun to explore with it’s “g” shape. A folding chair partially in the water was somewhat disappointing to come across but made for a good photo.

Newts/efts were also abundant on the trail and in the water along the shore. I poked around the campsite a bit as well and the equally abundant rain meant the streams were flowing heavily. I’m looking forward to heading back here at some point when the weather is a little better!

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