My sister and I spent the day paddling up and back through Fall Lake and Vly Lake on Sunday (August 15th). Because we were staying at a camp on the north end of Piseco Lake, we left from the beach there and went back to the bridge at Fall Stream. This meant we had to carry our boats across the road, but it was easier (and more fun) than driving the boats there. This is where most people exploring these two lakes would put in, however, and there’s a rudimentary little slide to bring your canoe/kayak over the mud to the edge of the water.

The weather was great, hot and sunny, and apart from one person fishing on Fall Lake, and one couple that was approaching Vly Lake as we were leaving, we had the place to ourselves.The winding stream between the lakes is beautiful and relaxing to paddle and the small lakes are picturesque. Lots of birds throughout the day: herons, ducks, and others flitting in the trees.

One thing to note is the multiple beaver dams along the way! You’ll have to be prepared and expect to pull your canoe over all of them on the way up, but, at least at the time we went, we were able to slide back through the last two on the way back for a tiny little thrill ride. Of course, the number and nature of them will change over time. The largest of the dams caused us a small, but funny, fiasco on the way over the first time, but we chose the better path over going back. My sister’s kayak was heavier to deal with, but I also had our lunch and gear strapped in, so my boat wasn’t as light as usual either.

We paddled to the end of Vly Lake and found a hilly incline to pull the boats up onto at the edge of Vly Lake Mountain and had lunch and then made our way back, bothering a heron’s resting spot most of the way back downstream. Sorry bird! There are also some nice little spots that would have been good for lunch right before Vly Lake as well.

We have been coming to Piseco Lake for years and years and had never done this trip before, so it was a fun little expedition to start off our week of vacation. It was also nice to have good company for the day!

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