I headed out early on Friday morning from our cabin to visit Fawn Lake. It had been raining somewhat steadily the past few days, so it was nice to have a dry, sunny morning to paddle around and drink coffee.

Fawn Lake is just outside of Speculator, slightly northwest of Piseco, and just a short drive from where I was staying. And also immediately west of Vly Lake! You drive a little ways off of 8 and just past a snowplow turnaround, there’s a parking area and trailhead. A hummingbird flew right up as I parked, likely disappointed by the big yellow thing being a boat and not a real flower.

The trail was pretty wet, but not a problem when you’re planning on getting your feet wet anyway. It’s about a half mile in and I chose not to use my yoke this time and just carry my canoe on my shoulder. The yoke is definitely more comfortable for longer carries, but part of this week was testing options to see what worked best. I also clipped my dry bag to my PFD with carabiners to act as a pseudo-backpack and that worked pretty well for a short walk!

There are a number of old rowboats scattered about the shoreline around the lake, some great little campsites, and a nice “beach” area that’s also accessible via the trail (and was recently featured in Adirondack Life!). The blackcaps at the water’s edge complemented my coffee well! All in all, a lovely, quiet, and non-rainy morning on Fawn Lake.

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