Hi – I’m Stef and I live in Syracuse, NY.

I started this site to have a space to log photos and notes from my canoe paddling excursions, both long and short. 

I own a Hornbeck Ten Classic ultralight pack canoe. You can learn more about how I came to purchase this boat in one of my blog entries.

I’ve been boating in some form most of my life: canoeing, kayaking, motor boats, and especially sailing. We had a small sailboat when I was growing up named the Wildflower. That’s what led me to christen my canoe the Wildflower II. 

However, a small lightweight craft is more my speed (and storage ability) nowadays. I was only able to kayak every so often during the summer for many years, so I’m really excited that, having purchased my canoe, I can easily pop it up on my car and put in at a number of waterways in my general home area.

I’m looking forward to spending as much time as possible on the water, seeing my local surroundings in a new light, visiting old favorite spots, and exploring new locations!

me holding my canoe selfie

rainy day sailing with my day
A rainy day sailing with my dad on Lake Champlain in the 90s, illustrating all the joys of boating.