I haven’t spent a lot of time on the water in the Finger Lakes. Central New York and Adirondack lakes were always the destination when I was growing up and continue to be where I find myself most. However, knowing that I have some extended ADK time coming up, I decided to spend the day yesterday checking out one of the smaller lakes in the FLX region.

Lamoka and Waneta Lakes are connected via a small channel. There’s also some pretty significant history in this area. I found this archaeologist’s paper and look forward to reading more. The DEC launch site was packed with fishing boats, pontoons, and jet skis, but I managed to slip in with no issues.

Both lakes are surrounded by lake homes and camps and people having summer fun with motor boats, so complete solitude is not what you’ll find in a lake like this! Actually, it would have been a great day for a sail as well. But it’s enjoyable to peep around at all the camps and after last night’s grassy paddle, the open water was welcome. I was very into some of the older ones (that seem to either be for sale or not in use?) on the islands.

I do, however, try to take advantage of my canoe’s small size and maneuverability to get into places that can feel peaceful and provide some additional interest. I paddled down toward Mill Pond, where the camps are more sparse and poked back into some marshy areas, where a heron and duck families were hiding out.

I was getting hungry for lunch at that point too, so I went out to a little hilly peninsula in Mill Pond and found a little shaded sanctuary ashore to eat. Definitely a spot where if you look one way, you feel alone, and then another, you see that you’re not at all far from civilization.

There is an island when you first enter the lake that has a little swimming area with a rope swing. On this day, the other side was taken up with a concert for a flotilla of boats. Woo summer!


I had heard about the wonders of Spotted Duck Creamery from a number of friends for awhile now and was reminded it was in the area for my drive home. My cone of Strawberry Rhubarb and Java Junction definitely hit the spot after a day of paddling.

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