Today I made a whirlwind drive out past North Creek, NY (you all know nothing makes me happier than bombing up north in the early morning – this is not a joke) and bought a boat! Meet the Wildflower II.

I was familiar with Hornbeck Boats as a pretty renowned Adirondack brand, but it was while I was in the hospital and idly reading things that I delved into an article about Pete Hornbeck, who passed away late last year, and really learned more about them. And I decided they sounded perfect for me.

So, the other day I called and got some information about the process and then decided I could shoehorn in a visit today and scheduled a demonstration. I arrived and, along with two other couples, we chatted with a staff person about what we were looking for and he got us each boats to paddle around on the small pond on the property, which was extremely pleasant. I tried the 10’ Classic as well as a New Trick, which is narrower and zippier. As soon as I sat in the Classic, I knew that was my boat. AND, it’s only 15lbs. Super easy to pop up on my car.

Now, I really thought I was going to test drive and then place an order and wait about 6-7 weeks because they are hopping over there and cranking out boats like crazy. But then, magically, after a moment of checking, there was one in stock of exactly what I wanted. And one of the last ones with Pete Hornbeck’s signature.

I can’t say enough about the fantastic experience of buying this boat. I’m so glad I made the trip today and am so excited to own it and actually have it now to use all summer. You never know what the year ahead will bring. I look forward to exploring every inch of the Meadowbrook Detention Basin! <— this IS a joke for Syracuse people


North Creek

Olmsteadville is not far from North Creek, one of my favorite hamlets in the Adirondacks and not just because it’s home to Gore Mountain. 

  • Café Sarah (
    • Whenever I’m staying in North Creek, I like to stop at Café Sarah for breakfast. A cup of coffee and a breakfast sandwich from Café Sarah, either sitting cozily inside before hitting the slopes on one’s 40th birthday or outside enjoying the sun before a drive to a farm (see below!), always hits the spot!
      • Looking for a more upscale dinner instead? barVino has amazing food and atmosphere! (
      • Sadly, Café Sarah was closed to celebrate a family member’s graduation the day I came through to get my boat! No lunch there for me that day.
  • North Creek Mosaic Project (
    • When you’re enjoying your coffee and sandwich, you can look across the street at the beautiful mosaic that fills the concrete retaining wall. The North Creek Mosaic Project was completed last year after 10 years of work by over 2000 volunteers. This stunning community art piece is worth the drive alone!
  • Nettle Meadow (
    • A 15 minute drive from North Creek is Nettle Meadow Farm, a farm sanctuary and cheese company. I was lucky enough to visit a few years ago for an AARCH ( award luncheon, which took place in their fantastic old barn and featured the farm’s cheese in every course. You can purchase cheese directly at the shop as well as tour the farm, but cheese fans will find many of their cheeses, especially the Kunik, at stores nationally.

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