I had a really great morning canoeing on the Erie Canal. 99.9% of my past boating has happened to the North and East of Syracuse, but now that I have a pack canoe living with me everyday, I’m trying to search out places I can get to quickly to take full advantage of boat ownership. And the Erie Canal is super easy to access from my house.

What I thought might be a quick plop with my coffee early this morning turned into a 9+ mile trip from Cedar Bay to the Green Lakes footbridge and back. I was both mildly shocked and also not totally sad to be the only boat I saw all morning. Paddling on the Erie Canal is super fun, especially if you’re any kind of history buff and have a appreciation for the ol’ man-made waterways! It was nice to wave hi and say good morning to the walkers/runners/bikers on the adjacent trail and the woman who said “Oh look at the canoe! How beautiful!” made my day. Lots of fish jumping and bird song and Sunday morning church bells in the distance made it a serene spot to enjoy the coffee I brought (in a mug that perfectly hooked on the side). And a bit of a workout! The large omelette I made myself for a late breakfast hit the spot.

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