Spent the morning paddling and enjoying my coffee around Hiawatha Lake in Onondaga Park smack dab in the city of Syracuse (at my own risk/wearing pfd!). Syracuse Parks and Rec has kayak rentals at certain times, but you can also bring your own (at your own risk!). I’ll say, it’s a little bit of a pain if you don’t have a lightweight boat because you have to carry it from where your car is parked to the other side of the bath house. Obviously not a problem for me! Being able to explore places like this, either with your own

I had a really great morning canoeing on the Erie Canal. 99.9% of my past boating has happened to the North and East of Syracuse, but now that I have a pack canoe living with me everyday, I’m trying to search out places I can get to quickly to take full advantage of boat ownership. And the Erie Canal is super easy to access from my house. What I thought might be a quick plop with my coffee early this morning turned into a 9+ mile trip from Cedar Bay to the Green Lakes footbridge and back. I was both

Lake Durant is where we* go camping annually and have been lucky enough to snag some of the great lake-side sites over the past few years. It’s one of my favorite state camp grounds for a variety of reasons, namely: the Northville-Lake Placid trail runs through it and it’s generally quiet, with somewhat more secluded-feeling sites. And, if you grab a lake-side one, you can put your canoe or kayak in right in front of your tent. I’ve gotten to know this lake pretty well over the years and regularly see loons and beavers. It’s a great little lake to